Midnight (Coldplay)

I was fascinated by this piece from the beginning, as the colour blue rarely appears in my musical perception. The dark, deep blue background atmosphere is created by the ambience of the sound.

Each piece of music has its own spatial extension, which depends primarily on the sound behaviour (reverberation), but also on the spatial distances between the individual sounds. In this case, there is a large distance between the very bright sounds that are positioned high up and the deep bass tones that are deep below ground level. This expanded space makes me feel boundless, as if looking at a vast sky.

The base of the scene, from which the blue emerges, consists of the oversized, soft, black bass sounds that melt together. 

After a rather dull blue mood at the beginning (see left), the scene brightens up from minute 2:00 to a crisp radiant blue, especially from minute 2:13 (see right).

The vocals and all instrumental parts up to minute 2:13 are shown at their specific positions; in notation synaesthesia, tones usually have a fixed but scalable spatial position and distance from each other, similar to a sheet of music.

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