Colourful growth

After almost 20 years of dealing with synaesthesia, it has lost none of its fascination – on the contrary. The ways to approach synaesthesia seem to be almost as versatile as synaesthesia itself.
When you try to get to the bottom of one question, new ones spring up like weeds.

I am passionate about the multi-layered experience of music and the observation of emotional and cognitive processes.

In researching my synaesthetic experiences, I am increasingly exploring the connections between expression and trigger, following the concept of ideasthesia.

I owe many of my insights to other synaesthetes I have met since 2010 as a member of the German Synaesthesia Association (DSG).

Since 2016, I have been supporting the DSG as a board member to create a broader awareness of synaesthesia in society and to provide a community for synaesthetes.

It makes me happy to help other synaesthetes to connect with their synaesthetic perception and the national and international growing community of synaesthetes. I am grateful to be a part of it.

I use synaesthesia both unconsciously and consciously in my art and work as a freelance graphic designer, and I’m in the process of exploring further possibilities.

Recently, together with a small team of synaesthetic artists, I founded an online gallery for synaesthetic art:

I live and work in Munich, Germany and I’m open to exciting commissions and collaborations.

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