An invitation to learn about synaesthesia and its forms of expression, to reflect on and talk about your own perception.

Shapes appear and move around you when you listen to music? The days of the week have colours? ... When you try to explain the concept of synaesthesia to someone who has never heard of it before, you are often met with astonishment, suspicion, interest, or a mixture of all of these. What does it look like? Always? That must be disturbing! Synaesthesia quickly tests the limits of imagination of those who don´t experience it. Paradoxically, many synaesthetes are not even aware of their special way of perceiving because they consider it completely normal. Nevertheless the discovery of their own synaesthetic perception is a turning point for many of them. The individual exploration of it is not as simple as one might think. To be able to become aware of a merged perception at all, one must first mentally take it apart. It can be deeply confusing to realise how much of our experience is, and has always been, unique to ourself. With the recognition of the synaesthetic components of a sensation, everything comes together again, familiar and often with a sense of coherence and completeness. Such awareness allows synaesthetes to fully enjoy the benefits of their way of perceiving, and to understand the impact of the synaesthetic connections that have been made: they have shaped our identity and influenced our relationship with everyday things and actions. And they will continue to do so. Talking about our perception provides exciting and often surprising insights into the respective experience of both synaesthetes and non-synaesthetes. We can only become aware of the differences when we talk about things and compare, which rarely happens. Time to change. Time to talk!

Guten Tag,

my name is Leonore Egbert, I'm a synaesthete from Munich, Germany. Since I came in touch with the concept of synaesthesia about 20 years ago, I gradually found explanations for many of my everyday experiences. With this website I would like to bring together what has become important to me over the years: to further awareness and understanding of synaesthesia through information, reflections and examples from every day life alongside having a place to gather my artistic explorations based on my synaesthetic perception.


Synaesthesia is 100 % unique in the way it is experienced, but there are basic commonalities within the different types. Often there are similar patterns and specific elements such as colour, shape or texture, but they differ individually in their specifics. Paying close attention to these elements awakens in many synaesthetes the desire to explore further; in synaesthetic art these elements can inspire a work or become the subject matter itself.

The desire to share

Like most synaesthetes, I find comparing experiences very enjoyable, and important. Even if the sensations are completely different for everyone, the fundamental understanding of the way of feeling is something we share. Many synaesthetes also seem to feel the urge to translate their perceptions into the outside world: through music, words or some form of visibility. Be it on purpose or a side effect, this process makes the inner – synaesthetic – world tangible. After many years of observing and exploring my own synaesthetic perception, I started some time ago to make art. I would like to share some insights into the nature and complexity of synaesthesia, and to emphasise its beauty, its detail and its potential as an individual but very valuable language.

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