Absence of colour

Due to my grapheme-colour synaesthesia, my words are made up of coloured letters. But the word “frei”, the German word for “free”, has always remained white.
For as long as I can remember, my weekdays have had their own bold and vibrant colours, with the exception of the days at the end of the week. Freitag wears it literally, bringing two days free from work, school and regular activities: Samstag and Sonntag.
For as long as I can remember, I have perceived these three in different shades of white, probably expressing the absence of something, but with the possibility of being distinguished from one another.
The same is true for my numbers: Strong colours for 1–9, but the 0, free of value: white. As is typical of ideasthesia, the exact colours are transposed to the corresponding days in foreign languages…. It´s true for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I remember the cold blueish-white dimanche from school, the French Sunday. For me, these associations are no random connections, but ideasthesia in its literally purest form: in order to match the idea of “being free of”, nothing was added.

Ideasthesia is understood as:

A strategy of the brain to make abstract terms, e.g. weekdays, more tangible.

This finally results in a synaesthetic perception, formed by an Idea.


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