I perceive smells and scents synaesthetically visually as a form in motion with colour, texture and spatial position, and also with personality traits (personification).

SMELL – Eucalyptus
(natural essential oil)
I would describe the aroma as grounding, relaxing, extremely rich and complex. I experience the Eucalyptus scent visually as slowly rotating grey-brown clouds that surround me ascending from below. They are heavy, the overall visual impression is soft, slow, rich in details and pleasant.
Rather masculine; old, friendly and wise. You feel comfortable, safe and calm in that company. Conversations are easy and slow, but provide valuable insights.
SMELL – Lemon
(natural essential oil)
The aroma of lemon is perceived as clear and fresh, yet also as sharp and pungent. The visual representation of the lemon scent consists of two objects at the same time, which is a rare occurrence. There is a strong outward movement originating from the centre, the nose, which creates a star-like impression. The overall impression is clear, almost transparent. There is a yellow tip on the right side, which pushes straight and far upwards.
A young, smart woman, direct and straightforward, sympathetic but not very empathetic. She always keeps an eye on everything, makes clear announcements, is a leader, makes few mistakes. She always looks ahead, makes quick decisions. She is a loner.
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