An invitation to learn about synaesthesia and its ways of expression, reflecting and talking about your own perception.

My Name is Leonore Egbert, I'm a Synaesthete from Munich, Germany. Ever since I came into contact with the concept of synaesthesia, I have been unable to stop thinking about and exploring this additional level of perception. Even though it is automatically and naturally integrated into one's perception, becoming aware of the differences is a long term process. It may sound paradoxical that in order to become aware of one's merged perception, one must first mentally take it apart. With the realisation of the individual components, everything comes together again in a meaningful way. On this page I would also like to bring together what has become important to me over the years:


Synaesthesia is a very individual characteristic, and yet there are commonalities in the way it is expressed in the different forms of synaesthesia. Hier jetzt simple, beispielhafte Erlärung und Hinweis, auf Vorkommen in der Kunst, jeglicher Art. Diese Elemente die Künstler inspirieren oder in Kunst von Synästheten Ausdruck für etwas sind.


After a long time of observing and exploring my own synaesthetic perception, I started some time ago to bring my perception into the outside world. I want to point out the complexity and essence of synaesthesia - the beauty, the details, the many different manifestations and its quality as an individual but precise language in which there is great potential if we look at and respect it.


Like most of us, I enjoy sharing experiences with other synaesthetes. The communication about our perception provides exciting and often surprising insights, both from synaesthetes and non-synaesthetes. Many synaesthetes are not aware of their special perception because it is considered normal. They only become conscious of the differences when they talk about it and compare, which rarely happens. Time to change. Time to talk!

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